…a greener future starts here!


OUR WORLD IS in dire need of change. The ecosystem needs our help to cope with the strain we humans put on the climate. BioBusiness Arena is one of the players in this new economic wave – the bioeconomy. Green natural resources will not only still play a role in this change, but they will be a central aspect of the future production of materials, energy, and products.

Characteristic of a bioeconomy is the use of renewable bio-based natural resources and the use of clean technologies that preserve the environment and provide for the efficient recycling of materials.

BioBusiness Arena

BioBusiness Arena is a long-term venture with the objective of promoting innovation in sustainable products and services. We run projects, build networks, and create opportunities for cross-border meetings. BioBusiness Arena’s role is to ensure that these meetings come to fruition and that the conditions for open and constructive dialogue are maintained, both within the network and between external partners. We are project managers who pave the way and the support on which innovation and entrepreneurship can rely on.

Our idea is based on the fact that together is stronger. BioBusiness Arena’s network consists of some 30 companies and
organisations. Together we are working towards a more resource-efficient economy that is reliant on renewable forestry-based raw materials. Our aim is to reduce the use and environmental impact of fossil fuels, as well as to create new business opportunities in the region.

Our Region has a Proud History in the Forest Industry

The Sundsvall region has a rich industrial history and the forest industry has played a crucial role in the region’s emergence. BioBusiness Arena wants to foster and develop the proud heritage of the region by carrying it into the future. The development of the forest industry in the region rests not only on good natural resources, but is also based on a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a momentum which have in turn created business opportunities and growth for society at large.

BioBusiness Arena’s networks and our region are also known to host world-class research environments. The Fibre Sciencecand Communication Network (FSCN) and Sensible Things that Communicatec(STC) at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall are excellent examples of the world-leading research taking place in our region.

Smart Materials & Sustainable Energy

What is a smart material? Our condition is that the raw material comes from the forest, however its area of use may be far from what one might expect. The basic requirements are that the materials are sustainable, natural, and functional. There are no limitations with regard to how the final product will look. We have a passion for unexpected combinations and prefer that the forest-based raw material sees a use in areas that have yet to discover its qualities.

BioBusiness Arena is working for a rejuvenated bioeconomy, hence sustainability being something of a mantra for us. Sustainable energy can mean the development of mini power plants, or new ways to use waste heat from the industry. There are many paths to a more sustainable, more bio-economical energy production.

Through our Grant’s Office we help organisations find funds and guidance trough the process.